Tips For Reducing Dog Shed

Dog shed can become quite an annoyance especially for people who have allergies. Now that dogs are indoors more, they don’t typically just have the twice-a-year shed that used to be the case. With our indoor lighting and heat-regulated homes these days, dogs pretty well shed all year round instead of just in spring and summer. They still have major sheds in spring and summer but we do have to contend with shed now on a daily basis.

One of the best ways to reduce shed is by regular grooming. You can either brush your dog and go over it with a fine-tooth comb or take your dog to the groomers and have them bath your dog.  The groomer’s use of the forced air dryer will generally blow out all of the shed. The combination of the warm water from the bath, the air dryer and a bit of stress (which also will stimulate a shed), going to your groomer is a great solution.

 If you decide to use a self-serve dog wash, after you do the wash and before you leave the station one of the tricks is to make sure your dog is bone dry. Otherwise what can happen if the coat is still damp when you take your dog home, once the coat is dry all of that shed will let go and it will let go in your house. This really defeats the purpose.

 Another way of reducing shed is by adding essential fatty acids, especially your omega-3s, to your dog’s diet. A poor diet can contribute to itchy skin, dander and hair loss. Feeding your dog fish oils, particularly wild salmon oil, is one way to effectively increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your dog’s system. The result is increased immunity and a shiny, healthier coat that is thicker and sheds less. Be sure to choose a quality fish oil for dogs which is free of pollutants and heavy metals such as mercury.