How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog?

You should bathe your Frenchie as often as needed (when it’s stinky). That could mean as often as every two weeks. In between grooming, you can use unscented baby wipes to clean the folds in front the eyes or purchase any speciality products safe for the eye area. When choosing your shampoo, make sure you are using one that is for dogs or puppies, if it is a puppy. Do not use baby shampoo or human shampoo because the pH balance is different and you may end up with some dry skin and dandruff.
One trick I like using is to have a separate empty bottle for my dog’s shampoo. You could save a dish soap bottle, for example. Clean it out, make sure it’s empty, add warm water almost to the top, and then put in your shampoo (approximately an eighth of the bottle), and give it a shake. Do not do it the other way around. I know this sounds obvious, but if you put your shampoo in first and then add warm water, you’re going to have bubbles everywhere. Having diluted your shampoo makes it so much easier to spread over the dog and work into a lather instead of having big blobs of shampoo on the dog.
It’s really nice if your shower nozzle reaches your French Bulldog but they’re short so it may not. Maybe your Frenchie will sit in the sink, and you have a handheld sprayer with which you can rinse him or her. If you don’t have a handheld nozzle, just fill your bathtub with about six inches of water and use a pitcher to pour over your Frenchie to rinse off. Make sure you get off all the shampoo. Once all the shampoo is rinsed off, the coat should not feel slippery at all. If you leave shampoo residue in their coat, their skin will get itchy. When you’re rinsing your dog keep in mind he or she can close their eyes but not their nose, so you want to cup your spare hand over the muzzle protecting any water from running into the nose. If your dog wants to shake, let them.  Moisture in ear canals can cause ear infections, so that is why it’s important to allow them to shake. It is the way they get any water out of their ears. Usually they will give you a warning they’re about to shake by lowering their head in preparation.  Perhaps hold a towel in front of your face, so you don’t get soaked too. 
Once your dog is well rinsed, you can follow by using a conditioner or a leave-in conditioning spray, again making sure it is specifically for dogs. When using leave-in products, make sure you’re not adding that product while your dog is still soaking wet because your product is just going to drip off the dog. If you wish, finish with some dog cologne.