Tips To Help Prevent Noise Anxiety For Your French Bulldog On New Year’s Eve.

Parties aren’t for everyone and some dogs and cats don’t like the loud noise that comes along with New Year’s Eve celebrations. Here are seven tips to help lessen your pet’s anxiety.
1. Confine your pet to a small space. Dogs that are used to a kennel or a crate find that space safe and secure. If you have a kitty cat you may want to lock them in one room, so you know where they are and they don’t escape out a door or a window.
2. Positive noise will help distract your pet. A great soundtrack to help them get used to the noise of fireworks is the Star Wars Trilogy. You can start playing this music well in advance and turn up the volume slightly to get them used to the noise of firecrackers going off. Even just having a TV or radio on helps distract them from the outdoor noise.
3. There are natural calming therapies for pets. Essential oils such as lavender oil can be sprayed on the bedding area. A product called Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic tincture that can be squirted in your dog or cat’s mouth. For cats, there is Feliway spray which is a synthetic copy of the facial pheromone that cats use to mark their territory. These pheromones help to relax them.
4. A fourth tip is to exercise. Drain your pet of any extra energy by playing with them or going for a nice long walk with your dog.
5. A fifth trick is to distract them with a toy or games. Treat-filled Kongs are an excellent way to keep your dog busy. A fresh bottle of catnip or a new toy for your kitty cat will occupy them and take their mind off the noise that’s outside.
6. Go to a friend’s in the country. If you’re in a warm place, you could always go camping somewhere in the quiet to avoid all of the commotions outside.
7. Finally, don’t ignore your pet. Comfort and reassure them. It is important that you remain calm. When you stay calm, that will help them be calm.