How to Trim your French Bulldog’s Nails

Frenchies can be pretty challenging when it comes to having their nails clipped but not to worry, here are a few suggestions to help you trim them at home.
First of all, elevate your French Bulldog on a slippery surface. This takes them out of their comfort zone and causes a bit of instability. Then you want to turn the around backwards and hold them like a football, with their head is facing behind you and their cute little bum facing in front of you. Then wrap your arm around them and hold them like you would a football.  This hold gives you a lot of control over your dog. You can apply a bit of pressure with your elbow when they are wiggly squiggle, then release when the relax. It also allows you to turn the paw upside down and have a good look at each nail while supporting your dog from underneath. When your trimming the nails it’s best to use trimmers that cut from both sides, not the guillotine door kind, they can crush the nail and leave it jagged. Take small slivers of the nail off at a time and if your nervous, just trim them more frequently, taking less length off. We don’t want to cut them too short and make them bleed. If that does accidently happen, a little pinch of cornstarch or quick stop applied with pressure, will stop the bleeding. Ideally the nails should not touch the ground and should be clipped once a month. If none of these tips work for you then perhaps it’s best to see a professional and have your local dog groomer or vet technician trim them for you. The $15 or so dollars that they charge, may be well worth the drive