Hi, I'm Pauline

My love for dogs started as far back as I can remember. As a child, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them I wanted to be a veterinarian. I was an only child. My companion and best friend was a dog named Rocky. I often wonder if my life would have taken a different turn had I not been able to spend so many years with Rocky. She was an amazing little dog and tolerated me dressing her in clothes and giving her my spinach that I couldn’t tolerate eating. I still have a picture of her in my office some 40 years later.

When I was in high school, I started my career of working with dogs and began cleaning kennels after school. Once I graduated, I went to college in preparation for veterinarian medicine. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to work with sick animals, and my focus became obedience training.

I became a certified obedience instructor working one-on-one with people on behavior issues and basic obedience. My schooling took place in Chilliwack, BC at the North American Guard Dog Academy. Like its name, the Academy offered protection training as well. I took that course and enjoyed the challenge. I did protection training for a couple of years. It was fun and exciting to work with Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Pit Bulls.

A friend of mine I worked with at a kennel was a professional pet groomer.  After leasing the kennel for a few years and boarding dogs, I decided to try my hand at grooming. I fell in love with grooming and became an internationally competitive groomer.  I felt I had found my niche and I continued a career in grooming.  I have owned and operated my own grooming business for twenty years and employ several staff. During this time, I was a single parent blessed with a wonderful daughter. 

Along with grooming, I have bred dogs my whole adult life. I originally started breeding Rottweilers followed by Bernese Mountain Dogs. I bred Bichon and miniature Poodles as well. I had always loved the French Bulldogs but was nervous about breeding them because of the necessity of C-sections, so I decided to get one only as a pet. I fell so in love with this dog; I decided I wanted to breed her so if anything happened to her I would always have a part of the mother.

Harmony is my foundation dog; she’s my first French Bulldog. She’s still alive and doing well. I have two of her daughters, and I’ll always keep one of her puppies and one of her grandchildren to carry on her lineage. I am so smitten with the French Bulldog; I can’t imagine owning another breed as long as I live. I find breeding them incredibly rewarding.  Frenchies bring so much joy into my life, and I’m able to do the same for other people’s lives and share this joy.  It is most fulfilling.

People often ask me if it’s hard to give them up when the time is ready for puppies to go, and I tell them it is, and it isn’t, because they’re always going to such good homes. I encourage and appreciate the open communication I enjoy with my puppy buyers who all stay in contact with me, and I often see photos and hear how their pets are doing.  And given my lifetime of experience in all different fields working with dogs, I’m able to answer almost any questions the new owners may have with regards to training, or nutrition or behavior issues.

I have a lifetime of knowledge at my fingertips that I really enjoy sharing. With every puppy that goes to a new home, I feel that my extended family just grows and grows.